It can’t be lied to

We have been serving customers for a decade for garment accessories products. There are many happy and sad stories along the 25 year journey.

So far, there are more happy stories than sad ones. The story we share is a sad and heartbreaking story.

the actions of several garment individuals who asked for samples of their products to be sent to buyers, asking for approval. The annoying thing is that when they have received the sample, no news or bad news comes, they don’t place the order.

It is clear that we are deceived by the style of those who agree to price offers, promise large orders, and give confidence that orders will go down.

This is a ploy or trick so they can get our samples.

To stem these cases of false hope, our marketing team tried to stem them by making a rule that free samples are only given to those who have paid a down payment of 80%.

And if they still insist on asking for samples, we have another strategy, namely they have to provide a sample guarantee of IDR. 150,000,- with the agreement that if you cancel the order the money will be forfeited.

Get away Go to hell, these people.